Prospective Volunteers

Tenth Nursery needs you!

Why should you consider working in the Tenth Nursery? Of course, we love children and eagerly watch them grow up and know Jesus’ love for them. Foundational to this, and one of the richest blessings of the covenant the Lord has established with His people, is the inclusion of believers’ chilldren. We acknowledge this every time we baptise a child. 

During the baptism, the congregation affirms the following question: “Do you as a congregation undertake the responsibility of assisting the parents in the Christian nurture of this child?” One way you can act on this affirmation is by serving in the nursery, and this service holds rich blessings for everyone.

Volunteering for Tenth Nursery gives you:

  • The opportunity to assist parents in raising their children to know and love Jesus
  • The chance to build relationships with other members of Tenth Church
  • The fun and rewarding experience of caring for children
  • The privilege of serving parents, pastors, and the entire Tenth congregation
  • The flexibility of self-scheduling 

Two Steps to Apply

If you’re interested in volunteering for the Nursery or any of Tenth’s children’s ministries*, please complete and submit the on-line form, “Volunteer Profile for Children & Student Ministry,” and follow the “Background Check Instructions.”  

Step 1: Apply On-line: Volunteer Profile for Children & Student Ministry

Step 2: Follow the Background Check Instructions and links below.  (Printable Version)

•A. Follow this link: and create an individual account to apply for a PA Child Abuse History Clearance as a volunteer. You will receive a certification from PA online. Print out one copy for your records and another copy must be given to Sarah Peterman. The church will maintain this record per the statute. As a volunteer, this process is free.

B. Follow this link: and follow the instructions to submit a record check to the PA State Police as a volunteer. You will receive a certification from the PA State Police online. Print out one copy for your records and another copy must be given to Sarah Peterman. The church will maintain this record per the statute. As a volunteer, this process is free.

C. If you have been a resident of PA for the past 10 or more years you do not need an FBI clearance. However, you must submit a signed statement addressed to Tenth Presbyterian which should state the following if you have not been convicted of any child abuse offense:

“I affirm that I have been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for more than 10 years and that I am not disqualified from volunteer service based on a conviction of an offense under PA Title 23, Section 6344”.

Submit this signed statement to Sarah Peterman. It will be kept on file per the statute.

D. If you have NOT been a resident of PA for the past 10 or more years you must obtain an FBI clearance by following these procedures:

  • Follow this link: You will be immediately asked for a code. You enter 1KG6ZJ. This acknowledges that you are pursuing the FBI check under the laws of PA pertaining to the Dept. of Human Services. This will take you to the applicant processing page for submitting your fingerprints to the FBI for a records check. IdentoGO is handling this process for PA.
  • If you are currently a resident of PA, click on “Register Online” and then fill out the application and provide payment via credit card. After completing the application,  you must visit a fingerprinting location. Locations and scheduling are provided on the website.  Your prints will be taken at the location you choose and will be submitted to the FBI. You will receive your FBI record check via the mail. Keep a copy for yourself and give one to Sarah Peterman
  • If you are not a resident of PA, Do NOT go to an IdentoGO location in your home state. You may either have a finger print card done locally and mail it to IdentoGO or come to a PA IdnetoGO site. The benefit of coming to PA is that you will know immediately if your fingerprints are acceptable. Some people’s fingerprints lessen with age and wear. This may create a need to be fingerprinted more than once. This can be avoided by going to PA location. If you wish to submit your fingerprints by mail, choose “Card Submission by Mail”  This will give you instructions for registration and for obtaining fingerprint cards locally and submitting them by mail to IdentoGO. You will receive your FBI record check from the Dept. of Human Services via mail. Keep a copy for yourself and give one to Sarah Peterman.
  • You will pay for this process. Submit a receipt to Sarah Peterman along with FBI clearance and the church will reimburse you.

*Tenth’s Children and Youth Ministries include, Community Playgroup, Tenth Church Preschool, Tenth Children’s Music, Catechism Club, Praisemakers Plus, Children’s Bible School, Maranatha, Communicants’ Class, and Nursery.

Current Volunteers

Thank you so much for your service to the families of Tenth. The nursery leadership is so grateful to God for providing all of you  to serve the families and care for the children of our church. In case you need to check the dates you’ve selected for the current nursery schedule, you can download the schedule below.

You should receive an email reminder during the week before you are scheduled to serve. Please remember that if you have a schedule conflict we ask you to first try to make a switch with another volunteer working in the same room. In addition, please let the supervisor know so the appropriate reminder can be made.

All volunteers are asked to attend nursery training to learn about emergency evacuation, current Child Safety policies, and nursery guidelines. Nursery training is held at the end of the Fall and Spring quarters and can be found on the church calendar through AccessTenth.