Nursery FAQs


What is the appropriate age for me to start bringing my child to Tenth Nursery?

This is a matter of personal preference, but we do offer some guidelines.

  • Children must be 2 months old before being left in the nursery. You may use the nursery facilities before your child is 2 months old to change, nurse, or feed your child.  
  • We have observed that children who are left in the nursery within their first 3 to 6 months often adjust much more easily as they grow older.  
  • We strongly encourage families to entrust their children to God and the care of his church by routinely availing themselves of our nursery.
  • We welcome children of all developmental and intellectual abilities and seek to work with parents to help each child grow and learn through our Tenth Nursery.


When should I not leave my child in the nursery?

Young children are especially susceptible to communicable illnesses. We request that you do not bring your child to the nursery if he or she has had any of the following symptoms within the previous 24 hours:

  • Fever greater than 100˚F
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Runny nose of any color; cough less than 5 days old
  • Any possible eye infection such as pink eye or crusty discharge
  • Contagious skin infections such as impetigo or weeping lesions
  • Listlessness or lethargy without other symptoms of systemic illness


How does Tenth Nursery drop off and pick up work?

Volunteer proctors seated outside the nursery rooms will help you with nursery drop off and pick up.

When dropping off:

  • Please have child’s name, birthdate, allergy/health concern information, and special instructions ready. Alternatively, you may complete a Nursery Enrollment Form in advance of dropping off you child(ren).
  • We will provide your child with nursery/allergy label.
  • We will give you a numbered pager so we can call you if needed. The pager is set to vibrate and must be worn on your body. You must return the pager in exchange for the child at check out.
  • Please allow the proctor to bring your child in/out of the room.

When picking up:

  • Please arrive promptly following the service or Bible school class.
  • Only the parent with the pager may pick up your child. Please do not send siblings or friends to pick up your child. This policy is for your child's protection and helps to us dismiss him/her efficiently and safely.
  • Please wait until all children are dismissed before entering the nursery to use our changing/feeding facilities.


Who will care for my child?

Volunteers from all walks of life care for nursery children. Each volunteer is a member of Tenth and completes an application (including references) and interview. We especially encourage parents of nursery-aged children to volunteer. All volunteers self-schedule for time and age group.


What if my child has separation anxiety?

Many children have a difficult time initially separating from their parents. It is not unusual for children to cry for several weeks when they first start out in the nursery. Our nursery workers understand this and are willing to help your child cross this hurdle. However, sometimes it's prudent for the parent of an infant or toddler to remain with their child for a few weeks to help him/her adjust. You, also, may benefit from seeing how our nursery is organized and run. If your child is struggling or if there are discipline problems, volunteers will contact you via the pager.


At what age do you recommend children begin attending church?

Although this is a personal decision, we believe scripture teaches that children should attend worship with their families from a very young age (Children in Worship, Philip Graham Ryken. We recommend children attend worship with their families, at least during a portion of the worship service, by age 4.


Where can I breast feed my child?

A private, quiet nursing room is available within the nursery for breast feeding mothers. A video link is provided in the room so breast feeding mothers can watch the worship service.


How does Tenth Nursery handle allergies?

When dropping off your child for care in the nursery, the proctor will ask if your child has any allergies. We serve a snack of apple juice and graham crackers and you may examine the packaging and ingredient list to ascertain if these are ok for your child.  If your child has allergies, he/she will be given an allergy sticker to alert the volunteers to be extra careful concerning snacks. If your child cannot eat the snacks provided by the nursery, you are welcome to send a snack for your child, and we will give it to him/her when the group is eating together.  We have a no nut snack policy.


What is the adult-to-child ratio?

The ratio for children ages 0-3 is one adult for every 3-5 children. For the Crib/Crawler Room there is a maximum of 15 children with 4 adults regularly scheduled and 2 adults on standby to offer additional care. The Toddler Rooms have a maximum of 12 children with 4 adults and 2 adults on standby.


What procedures are in place for injury or illness?

  • First aid kits are available in each room.
  • Volunteers use their best judgment in dealing with minor injuries. Under most circumstances a parent will be called.  For very minor injuries (small cuts or bumps, etc.) the parent will be informed about the injury during pick up.
  • In the event of a serious illness or injury, the security person at the Delancey reception desk or the proctor will get a doctor and/or dial 911.
  • Each deacon on security also has a beeper. The proctor can contact him easily to assist in any situation.


What happens to my child if the fire alarm goes off?

When the alarm sounds, the room proctor and supervisor will instruct helpers to take children out by the appropriate exit. Evacuation cribs are available to help transport young children, and children may also be carried. Primary and secondary exits are provided to volunteers, and a map of exit routes is posted in nursery rooms.

  • Parents should not come to the nursery to pick up their child during a fire alarm, since this may cause a teacher to think that a child is still in the building.
  • If a parent joins the class during evacuation, parents may accompany the class to the appropriate meeting place, but must remain there until attendance has been taken.
  • The proctor is the last person to leave the room, checking all cribs and all areas for children.
  • The proctor brings the attendance roster to the assigned meeting place and takes attendance to be sure all children have been evacuated.
  • Once all children have been accounted for, children can be released to the parent in exchange for the pager.


Does Tenth Nursery have a security policy?

The Tenth Church Child Security Policy covers many nursery guidelines including:

  • Drop Off and Pick Up procedures
  • Room ratios
  • Instructions for diapering
  • Instructions for assisting children in the bathroom


How do I enroll my child in Tenth Nursery?

You will be asked to fill out a Nursery Enrollment Form that contains basic information about your child’s age and any special allergies/health concerns that volunteers should know about.


My child has special needs. May I still bring him/her to the Tenth Nursery?

Tenth Nursery is committed to caring for children with special needs as long as volunteers can keep all of the children safe and comfortable. The proctor will ask for special instructions for caring for your special needs child and discuss with you whether volunteers can provide sufficient care in the group setting.

Tenth also has a ministry focused on serving children that have special needs, Tenth Children with Special Needs Ministry (TSN Ministry). TSN is equipped to step in and provide care when the nursery is unable to meet a child's needs.


Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about Tenth Nursery?

On Sundays, please feel free to talk with any of the nursery supervisors or proctors. At any time, you may contact the nursery coordinator Sarah Peterman.