Getting Started

Nursery care is available during the 9 AM, 11 AM, and 6:30 PM worship services. Located just off of Reception Hall of the main church building, Tenth Nursery is for infants through toddlers.

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

Volunteer proctors, seated outside the nursery rooms, will help you with nursery drop-off and pick-up. Please allow the proctor to bring your child in and out of the room.

When Dropping Off:

  • Please have your child’s name, birthdate, allergy/health concern information, and special instructions ready. Alternatively, you may complete and bring with you our Nursery Enrollment Form, available from the nursery.
  • We will provide your child with a nursery/allergy label.
  • We will give you a numbered pager so we can call you if needed.  The pager is set to vibrate and must be worn on your body. You must return the pager in exchange for your child at pick up.

Drop-off Times:

Infants (at least 8 weeks old) and toddlers; drop-off starts at 8:50 AM in Reception Hall, first floor of the main church building.

2 year-olds (must be 2 by September 1); drop-off starts at 8:50 AM on the first floor of the Carriage House (enter from Delancey Street into the building next to the parking area.)

3 year-olds (must be 3 by September 1); drop-off starts at 8:50 AM on the second floor of the Carriage House (accessible through the alley from Spruce Street, between the sanctuary and 1710 Spruce St.).

Evening Nursery (infants to 3 years old); drop-off starts at 6:15 PM in Reception Hall, first floor of the main church building.

When Picking Up:

  • Please arrive promptly following the service or Bible school class.
  • Only the parent with the pager may pick up your child. Please do not send siblings or friends to pick up your child. This policy is for your child’s protection and helps us to dismiss him/her efficiently and safely.
  • Please wait until all children are dismissed before entering the nursery to use our changing/feeding facilities

Additional Resources

Child Security Policy