Children’s Music Education

Children growing up at Tenth are blessed with the opportunity to sing hymns from their earliest years. 

This music training program is for children in grades 1-6 and starts at 6:10 each Sunday evening of the school year. Children learn the great hymns of the church, practice to sing in choral arrangements, and are trained in some instrumentation. These children are also given the opportunity to occasionally sing in the worship services, too. Their Sunday evening program includes time for refreshments and fellowship.

Purposes of children’s music

  • To develop the children’s understanding of and appreciation for the roles of music in worship and worship itself as taught in Scripture.
  • To deepen the children’s knowledge of Scripture and the Lord Jesus Christ through the texts of the songs that constitute the core of the program curriculum.
  • To develop the children’s singing voices, movement ability, and rhythmic and tonal accuracy in a way that is pedagogically sound as well as fun and engaging.
  • To develop the children’s musical literacy for the purpose of participating in individual and corporate worship through music.
  • To deepen the children’s comprehension and love of hymnody.
  • To increase the children’s enjoyment of music and to encourage a life-long appreciation for music through all aspects of the program.
  • To encourage families to enjoy music together in worship at home and at church, as well as in every day settings.

Children’s Music Staff

Joseph Waggoner, Music Education Director

Eleanor Bracey, Children’s Choir Specialist

Judy Harvey, Children’s Music Associate (strings)

Helen Sneller, Children’s Music Associate (chimes)