Children’s Bible School

Teaching God’s Word to the Next Generation

Tenth’s Bible School for children and youth is a vital part of our ministry to the next generation. Bible School is held Sundays at 9 AM (with limited offerings at 11 AM) and 6:30 PM, providing something for every young person from the ages of 2 months to 18 years. Classes are divided by age or grade and are taught by competent and dedicated members from our congregation.

Children’s Bible School focuses on teaching children the truth of God’s Word to prepare them for ministry and personal witness in future years. In the early years lessons begin with an overview of both the Old and New Testaments, followed by more detailed stories, theology, and practical living applications in the later years. Lessons are accompanied by a robust memory work program including both scripture and catechism. For older students, we conduct an essay contest each year that gives them an opportunity to debate and explain a point of doctrine from the Westminster Confession of Faith.

Though attendance is not mandatory, Children’s Bible School’s average attendance is close to 70% of all the covenant children in our congregation.