Winter Classes


Daniel: A Biographical Look at the Prophet Daniel

Fellowship Hall West

George McFarland (facilitator), Merle Brubaker, Michel Hatem, and Mike Carr

Most accounts of the book of Daniel have to do with the interpretative aspects of this text. Our study this quarter, however, will focus more on the growth of the godly character of Daniel and his interaction with significant kings and rulers. We will supplement our lessons with the classic text, Daniel the Beloved by William M. Taylor. Come prepared to discuss and learn from this man that God used in very difficult times.


The Pentateuch

1710 Spruce, 1 Middle (small conference room)

Deryck Barson (facilitator), Dan Schrock, Dan Kunkle

This class traces many of the rich biblical-theological themes that originate in Genesis, develop in the Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy), and come to full expression in the New Testament. In this vibrant study, we find that God's desire is to dwell with man, who is to exercise dominion and fill the earth with God's glory. We, too, have this mandate, which is fulfilled in Christ in the city-temple of the New Jerusalem.


Internationals Outreach (IO) English Bible Class (9:30 AM)

1710 Spruce St, 2 Rear

Luanne Wainwright, teacher

This class helps those who want to improve their English skills while also learning about Christianity. The class includes a conversational English and grammar lesson along with studies from the Bible.


Tenth Men’s Fellowship

1710 Spruce St, Lower Conference Room (basement)

Bob Kempf, leader

The class will study the Puritan Thomas Watson's book, The Godly Man's Picture. "Who shall ascend the hill of the Lord? He who has clean hands and pure heart" ( Psalm 24:3, 4). Watson said, "Godliness consists in an exact harmony between holy principles and practices." Join us for our discussion and prayer.


Preparation for Marriage

1701 Delancey Street, 3 East

Carroll Wynne, facilitator

This class studies key issues for couples who are considering marriage. Interested couples must attend all sessions, and there is a fee to cover the cost of materials. This course is required before being married at Tenth. Pre-registration is also necessary. Contact Carroll Wynne.


Tenth Women's Fellowship

1710 Spruce Street, 1 Front (west side)

Sheryl Woods Olson, teacher 

This group will study the book of Ephesians.


Tenth College Fellowship (9:30 AM)

1710 Spruce Street, 1 Rear (large conference room)

Jared Cochrum, teacher

Undergraduate students are invited to join us as we study the book of James on Sunday mornings through December 16, after which they will break for two Sundays. They will begin a new topic in January.


Newly-Married Couples

Private residence

Steve Forde (facilitator) 

 Contact Steve Forde for specific location.


Business Network (second Sundays at 9 AM)

1716 Spruce St, 2nd Floor

Bob Hormann, coordinator

Join them as they discuss how to glorify the Lord in the business workplace.