Summer Classes

Hard Sayings of the Apostle Paul II

Fellowship Hall West

George McFarland (facilitator), Merle Brubaker, Mickael Carr, Michel Hatem

In reading the Apostle Paul, you have no doubt come across a puzzling phrase or verse. This summer again we plan to look at selected texts that have been considered “problems”.  For instance, what does Paul mean when he talks about being “faultless before the law,” or “the man of lawlessness,” or “Cretans are always liars.” Come prepared to think through and discuss with us the context of these statements along with suggested interpretations.

View the class syllabus here.

Redemption Accomplished & Applied

1710 Spruce Street, 1 Rear (large conference room)

Ron DiGiacomo (facilitator), Paul Duggan, Richard Homer

This class looks at the two-sided nature of redemption, that is, redemption accomplished by Christ and this same redemption applied to the redeemed. Both of these are the work of God and get to the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This little classic by John Murray is a goldmine of biblical truth that will nourish the soul and cause one to rebound with gratitude and praise.

View the class syllabus here.


Personal Finance, June 9–July 14 

1710 Spruce Street, 1 Middle (boardroom)

Paul and Jane Reimold

A comprehensive, biblically-based study on personal finance. Topics include:

  1. What the Bible teaches about money, wealth, contentment, and stewardship;
  2. Living below our means, budgeting;
  3. Practical money saving ideas;
  4. Good debt, bad debt, getting out of debt;
  5. Setting financial goals;
  6. Power of compounding, investing;
  7. Importance of wills;
  8. Surviving hard times.

Taught by Paul and Jane Reimold.  Jane and Paul serve on the Tenth Diaconate.  Paul is a Wharton MBA and runs the personal finance blog Frugal, Wealthy and Wise (  Jane is an expert on frugality; she really knows “how to squeeze pennies until they scream.”

View the class syllabus here.


Women’s Prayer

1710 Spruce Street, 1 Front

Earline Schmid (facilitator)

Women of all ages are invited to join us each week for a devotional followed by a time of prayer.


Tenth College Fellowship (TCF), 9:30 AM

1710 Spruce Street, 2 Front

Jared Cochrum, teacher

All college-age people are invited to join TCF as we study the book of Philippians.


 English Bible Class, 9:30 AM

1710 Spruce Street, 2 Rear

Luanne Wainwright, teacher

This class helps those who want to improve their English skills while also learning about Christianity. The class includes a conversational English and grammar lesson along with studies from the Bible.