Spring Classes

Testing Our Faith

Fellowship Hall West

George McFarland (facilitator), Ralph Bremerman, Merle Brubaker, Michael Carr

The Scriptures remind us “to make our calling and election sure.” One way to do that is to apply the “tests” from the book of James. This quarter we will make our way through the book and each week look at a different test. Come prepared to hear God’s word, interact with others on how the Word can be applied, and then seek to follow the Word’s instruction.

Testing Our Faith syllabus

*Not meeting Sunday, April 12.

Samuel Through Chronicles

1710 Spruce, 2 Front

Michel Hatem (facilitator), Michael Carr, Paul Duggan, Richard Homer

This class traces the Monarchical Period of Israel from the reign of Saul until the Judah’s exile in 586 B.C. The class outline will follow the chronological ordering of events in Israel’s history and will therefore integrate the prophetic writings into the course material as these events unfold along the timeline.

Samuel Through Chronicles syllabus

 *Not meeting Sunday, April 12.

Membership Class

1710 Spruce Street, 1 Middle (small conference room)

Melissa Frederick, coordinator

Come learn what it means to be a member of a local church like Tenth. The spring class meets March 22 – May 17, with a public reception on June 28.

To see more information and register, please view the class page.

Tenth College Fellowship (9:30 AM)

1710 Spruce Street, 2 Middle (large classroom)

Jared Cochrum, teacher

All college-age people (ages 18–22) are invited to join TCF for this study of the book of Daniel.

*Not meeting Sunday, April 12.

Tenth Women

1701 Delancey, 2 West

Earline Schmid, facilitator

Come study the beatitudes following John Stott’s The Beatitudes: Developing Spiritual Character.

 BookThe Beatitudes: Developing Spiritual Character by John Stott

*Not meeting Sunday, April 12.

Men’s Fellowship

1710 Spruce, 1 Front

Bob Kempf, Scott Kiehlmeier

This semester Tenth Men’s Fellowship will be studying Willing to Believe by R.C. Sproul. Our focus will be the issue of sola gratia, the underlying foundation of the issues that provoked the Reformation, through an overview of the historical developments that grew out of  the controversy over free will starting with Pelagius and Augustine.

The book is available on Amazon in print or as an ebook.

*Not meeting Sunday, April 12.


Newly-Married Couples

Private Residence

This class is designed for couples who have been married 5 years or less. The focus is twofold: we want to see relationships develop among those in this season of life, and we want to look specifically at what God’s Word has to say about our marriages. Come join us! Contact Barbara for the location.

BookWhat Did You Expect? by Paul Tripp


English Bible Class (9:30 AM)

1710 Spruce Street, 2 Rear

Luanne Wainwright, teacher

This class helps those who want to improve their English skills while also learning about Christianity. The class includes a conversational English and grammar lesson along with studies from Genesis and Psalms.


Preparation for Marriage

1701 Delancey Street, 3 East

Carroll Wynne, facilitator

This class provides a biblical, Christian perspective on key issues for couples who are considering marriage. Interested couples must pre-register as there is a fee to cover the cost of materials. This course is required before being married at Tenth. Contact Carroll Wynne.