Paul says the Church at Corinth is “Made Holy by Jesus Christ” but he writes to them because they asked him for help with problems that have arisen. They’re confronted by sexual chaos, manifestations of the Spirit, existing class distinctions and new divisions and heresies.  Paul’s response is to drive them back to the cross of Jesus: the wisdom of the cross is the way forward in life as the Body of Christ. As we look at Paul’s answers for Corinth, we will think practically how the cross disciples us with wisdom for us in Philadelphia.


  • Thiselton, Anthony The First Epistle to the Corinthians
  • Hays, Richard: First Corinthians: Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching 


September 10: Intro: The City of Corinth; Acts: Paul in Corinth; “Someone else's mail”

September 17: 1:1-9 Greetings from Paul

September 24: 1: 10-31 Divisions in the church; Christ Crucified

October 1: 1 Cor 2 : The Wisdom of God 

October 8: 1 Cor 3: Building up or tearing down the Temple for the Spirit 

October 15: 1 Cor 4: Significance of Apostleship 

October 22: 1 Cor 5 Scandal: the scandal of tolerated impurity

October 29: 1 Cor 6 Scandal The Scandal of public lawsuits

November 5: 1 Cor 7: The Married and the Unmarried

November 12: 1 Cor 8: Food offered to Idols 

November 19: 1 Cor 9: Paul’s Apostleship and Freedom in Christ

December 26:  1 Cor 10: The Rock in the Wilderness 

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