Galatians: Our Freedom in Christ

This tightly woven argument of Paul focuses on a question of status and belonging before God: How does one become...

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In this class we will cover some basics of reformed theology, how and why we worship the way we do,...

Men’s Bible School

Men, begin the sabbath together with us at Tenth! Join us as we study the books of Job.

Preparation for Marriage

Tenth’s Preparation for Marriage class is a two month-long course offered during our fall, winter, and spring Bible School quarters for...

Screwtape Letters

What thoughts occur when reading the words: spiritual warfare? Perhaps persecution comes to mine, or possession, or mental illness. In...

TCF Sunday

Join Tenth College Fellowship on Sundays.

Women’s Bible School

This fall we are using Vaughan Roberts' book God's Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible to explore how to understand...

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