Dr. David Apple

Dr. David Apple

Director of Acts


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About Dr. David Apple

Year Joined Tenth
Favorite Bible Passage
Romans 8:1 and Romans 8:39—wonderful hope! There is no condemnation for those in Christ, and nothing can separate us from his love.
Favorite Philadelphia Hangout
The Philadelphia Museum of Art is my favorite place to spend time with my wife.
Little-known Fact About David
As a teenager I was a bowling champion, winning many awards and trophies.

I grew up in Paterson, NJ in a non-religious, Jewish family. Because of a crippling skull fracture from a car accident and childhood sexual abuse, I was filled with brokenness, despair and hopelessness. In my late teens, a friend ministered to me and shared the hope he had in Christ. Over the next few years he introduced me to Christians who attended his inner-city church plant. They were poor, ex-addicts, crippled, and blind. Yet, each shared their new life and hope in Christ—testimonies that, to me, were unbelievable. Eventually, wanting to know more, I began asking questions and studied with the pastor.

Then one night while driving to the church, I hit a child who had darted out in front of my car. It was a horrible experience, yet as his life was spared, I knew without a doubt that God had saved me from death many years before, and spiritually right then and there.

As Director of Mercy Ministries I oversee Tenth’s outreach ministries ACTS (Active Compassion Through Service) and have a training/leadership role with the diaconate. I lead several mercy ministry and Diaconal seminars, workshops, and conferences throughout the year, and am frequently asked to write articles on similar topics.

My wife Kate and I were wed in 1980 and our daughter, Anne-Cara, was born in 1987. I enjoy solving the Sunday crossword puzzle (a family tradition), reading mystery and spy novels, and watching old movies.