In keeping with Acts 6:1-6, Tenth Church appoints “…men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom…” (Acts 6:3 ESV) to carry out the work of mercy ministry within our congregation. These men are ordained deacons.


At Tenth deaconesses are non-ordained women who assist the Board of Deacons in carrying out its ministry, particularly in areas where it is more appropriate for women than men to serve.

Chris Andreozzi

Ralph Bremerman

Joe Brydges

Jason Bull

Veronica Cassells

Greg Coleman

Tom Denier

Susan Elzey

Dave Estabrook

Alex Garcia

Natalie Garner

Lisa Gerard

Tim Grant

Sarah Haile

Tom Jackson

Barbara Kasper

Kyle Mangum

Tom Molieri

Adam Norris

Amy Oeste

Chris Oeste

Susanna Paul

Mark Paul

Kathy Pisani

Katherine Preston

Bill Smith

Jonathan Talamini

Bob Yang