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Giving Update

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The Tenth Session recently approved a revised policy on giving, and Tenth is currently rolling out a new membership database and donations processing software called TouchPoint. 

Using TouchPoint for online giving greatly increases the efficiency of donation processing and year-end statements. Donors who, in the past, signed up for recurring online giving will need to re-register in TouchPoint

TouchPoint enables members to choose from a list of Session-approved funds to indicate how their giving will be used to support the ministry of Tenth. Givers may notice that the online giving no longer provides a memo line. This is by design as processing a designation that is written on a memo line can sometimes be difficult and time-consuming to interpret and process. However, TouchPoint contains all approved giving designations, eliminating the need for a memo line to indicate a giving preference.  

While recurring online giving is the most efficient method for Tenth to process donations, members may also write checks or give cash. A check to Tenth Church that does not have anything in the memo line will by default support Church Ministry, our primary operating fund. Designations on check memo lines or envelopes must conform to one of the approved funds in the giving policy. Donations to support a Tenth ministry partner should be sent directly to the partner’s sending organization or 501(c)(3). Please email Global Outreach for assistance in identifying the name and address of a partner’s 501(c)(3). Checks or cash which contain designations not included in the approved categories may be declined.  

Prior to the new giving policy, Tenth accepted designations to any budgeted account. This has resulted in significant unspent restricted balances for some Tenth ministries that are currently budgeted and fully funded. In order to reduce these balances, Trustees may apply the restricted balances directly to the budgeted expenses they were designated to cover. The effect of this would be that the designated giving will not be incremental to the budget, but will go toward funding the expenses the congregation approved in the annual budget. 

For the list of funds and further details, see the giving policy.

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Children’s Bible School

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Tenth Families,

We hope you are doing well in spite of the ongoing challenges of these times.  

In an attempt to put something back onto a quasi-normal track, the dedicated Children’s Bible School teachers and memory work volunteers are offering this plan to start back into our regular, excellent Children’s Bible School curriculum with the grade-level classes and our experienced teachers.   Initially these will be shorter classes and entirely in a virtual (Zoom or similar platform) mode.   However, we are making plans to be able to pivot to ongoing “hybrid” continuation of the classes with an in-person component at Tenth, once conditions and restrictions permit, and while still continuing to offer these online, most likely for the rest of the school year.   Below is an outline of the plan.  We hope you can also take time to watch the video message above (in lieu of a Rally Day event this year) with your children. 

Please be alert to emails or phone calls from your children’s teachers in the coming days to determine if your children can participate, and in some cases to discuss what time of day on Sunday may work best for all, while we are still in the entirely virtual class mode.  Please know that first priority on Sundays is family worship.   Families are to be encouraged to take up the growing opportunity to attend worship in-person, with their children.  To the extent that you are otherwise planning to attend one of the in-person worship services, and are able to, you should schedule that and only work in Bible School to the extent feasible/practical for your household.     A weekly children’s worship bulletin will continue to be emailed to families; and families with young children can request to be seated in ‘out of the way’ balcony boxes with children’s activity bags to also be provided this fall.

Feel free to contact Judd Van Dervort with any questions by email at [email protected] or by phone at 609-320-6800.

Fall 2020 Children’s Bible School re-start plan:

  1. Starting September 13th we will have Zoom / video classes, getting back to our regular, grade-level curriculum and teachers for all children, 4 year old to 12th grade.
  2. Classes, while entirely virtual, are encouraged to be about 30-40 minutes in length.
  3. A pre-recorded (i.e. “non synchronous”) class will be offered as a combined 4 and 5 year old class.
  4. For the  other “synchronous” classes, we request that participating children be prepared to have video on, for best possible engagement with the teachers and classmates.
  5. There will be no “competing” assembly times on Sundays for any of these children.  Just these class offerings.
  6. Teachers will be in contact with the families listed on their rosters to determine the  timing on Sundays for the entirely virtual classes (trying to accommodate both the teachers and the students’ / families’ needs).   Teachers will email the meeting link information to their weekly class.
  7. Once conditions and regulations permit (i.e. greater numbers are permitted at the church, and the opening of activities, besides worship, during at least the 9 a.m. hour  (such as adult classes) our teachers are prepared to have at least one teacher for each class (if not two) present on site in a designated classrooms, for those students who can be present, while the class will still also be “Zoomed” from there for ongoing access by students not physically present.

At that point of offering “hybrid classes”, we will revert to this fixed class timing:

  1. Grades 1-5 Assembly 9:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m. (Hanrahan’s)
    1. Grades 1-5 classes 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
    1. Grades 6-12 classes 9:00 a.m.-10:15 a.m.
    1. Grades 6-12 Assembly/(Assemblies by age) 10:15 a.m.-10:45 a.m. (Maranatha-led)
  2. We cannot specify at this point any other conditions on site, such as whether there will still be a mask requirement, which rooms we will be using for these classes and assemblies, and if there will be a maximum person capacity for any (i.e. a need to sign up in advance).    More to follow as we follow the guidelines…

Memory Work Program:

The Memory Work program will also begin on September 13th.   Contact information for Memory “Listeners” is below.     Please contact Judd van Dervort (contact information listed above) to request Memory Work books if you do not have them for your children’s ages.  (The books have not changed in several years.)

Children ages 4 and 5:  Phone Jim and Jean Heatherington on 609-238-5423 to recite.

For Grades 1-3:  Children may contact any of these memory listeners either to recite over the phone, or to email or text a video clip of their recitations:

And for Grades 4-5:

For Grades 6-10:  Please email video clips to:

Small Group Leader Training

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The next small group leaders training will be held live in the sanctuary and also livestreamed. Dr. Ben Dally, who is a clinical counselor and has a PhD in New Testament, will be our speaker. He will speak on how small group leaders can be more effective shepherds with their members who are struggling with emotional and mental issues. There will be Q & A after the talk, and then we will move outdoors to the the 1710 courtyard for fellowship and to pick up a boxed dinner.

Click here to register

Afternoon Worship 2020 09 06

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